This guy was found with over 360,000 illegal pills that he was smuggling overseas in teabags

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Cops have busted a drug-smuggling operation and seized over 360,000 pills, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) announced Monday.

Officers arrested 42-year-old Hung Ming-hsiang (洪銘祥) at his house in Nantou, and found 346,000 Erimin pills and 2 kilograms of ketamine at the warehouse and drug lab he used in Taichung.

Erimin is the brand name of nimetazepam, a hypnotic drug called “Happy 5” by those who use it for recreation.

Hung allegedly distributed the pills abroad by hiding them in tea bags.

According to local media reports, Hung said he was just a bit player in the operation, admitting only to packaging and posting the drugs. But police, citing the large amounts of drugs found at his house and the drug lab, believe he helped make the drug and that he has connections with other drug dealers.

The CIB said it was working on tracking the source of drugs and Hung’s accomplices after arresting him Monday.

The beginning of the case dates back to November last year when a parcel from Taiwan was intercepted at Hong Kong airport. Inside were 5 kilograms of Erimin, according to local media.

Hong Kong authorities contacted the CIB, which found that multiple related packages had been sent by different men — all apparently from the same ring — using false identities.

The bureau traced the packages to Hung and began surveillance of his activities. In March, he sent a package to Thailand. Inside it, the CIB found trace amounts of ketamine, which police suspect was intended as a sample for a potential buyer.

In July, Hung attempted to send another package, this one to Cambodia. The bureau intercepted it at the Taoyuan airport and found over 15,000 Erimin pills inside.