Following Foxconn announcement, TSMC says it still prefers Taiwan for investment

The China Post

In the wake of Foxconn’s announcement of a US$10 billion plant in the U.S., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said Taiwan would continue to be its first choice for new projects. “Our first choice for investment will still be Taiwan,” says TSMC Chairman Morris Chang at a forum on Friday. “TSMC will not leave Taiwan, and it will continue investing in Taiwan.” Chang said Foxconn’s LCD panel plant in Wisconsin was a good investment for Foxconn though not necessarily “innovation,” and that such an investment should not necessarily be made by TSMC. Chang said he, along with the Ministry of Science and Technology, were sparing no effort to enable local enterprises like TSMC to stay in Taiwan.

“Of course there are many improvements that can be made to Taiwan’s investment climate, such as (stabilizing) water and electricity supplies,” he said. Chang was speaking at an event held by Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce on Friday. Local reporters asked Chang to weigh in on whether Foxconn would create a domino effect and encourage more Taiwanese enterprises to invest overseas. Chang replied that every business had its own strategy and its own reasons for making investments, and that investing overseas because of a single move by another business was unlikely.