The matter of the intern who threw water balloons is resolved at last

The China Post

After days of public accusations and missiles launched between media outlets, the Legislative Yuan on Friday announced it would forgive the intern who threw water balloons at ruling party lawmakers the week before.

A China Times intern surnamed Han (韓) made headlines when he joined pan-blue lawmakers in throwing water balloons at Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers during the review of an infrastructure bill last Wednesday.

Legislative Yuan Secretary-General Lin Chih-chia (林志嘉) had said that the Legislature would file a court case against Han for obstructing proceedings, but on Friday he announced that the legal action would be dropped.

But China Times would be banned from taking its interns into the Legislature for two sessions, he said.

Lin said that in a constitutional democracy, parliament was a symbol of the people’s sovereignty — it was a place for developing laws and reflecting the will of the people.

Every parliamentarian “enters the halls through a baptism by public will” and therefore deserved respect, he said.