Disabled baby donkey gets a name and a new lease on life

The China Post

Taipei Zoo declared Wednesday that its disabled African wild donkey colt was standing up at last and would henceforth be known as Lancelot for its courage.

The colt was born on June 23 with hypoplasia of the right hind leg, so that it was unable to stand up to nurse. Although it failed each time, the colt persisted in making new attempts, falling and injuring itself in the process.

Eric Tsao (曹先紹), the zoo’s spokesman, said that if the situation had occurred in the wild, the colt would have quickly been eaten by predators.

The colt’s problem triggered emergency measures at the zoo, including hand-feeding to maintain its physical strength and plaster casting to correct the leg.

After two weeks of rehabilitation, Lancelot is now able trot after its mother Daila and join her activities, Tsao said.

Conservationists said they named the colt after Arthur’s best-loved Knight of the Round Table Lancelot in hopes that it would continue to be as brave as the warrior and grow up to create his own legend.

African wild donkey are a hardy and surefooted wild animal that can withstand punishing desert conditions.