Taipei Universiade ad draws international attention

The China Post with Strait Times/ANN

TAIPEI – The Universiade-themed interior design featured in some Taipei Metro trains have attracted attention of foreign media.

“Fancy a “swim” or a game of basketball in the Taipei Metro?” The Singapore-based Strait Times asked in its report of the ad.

“Now you can – thanks to the help of some realistic 3D artwork that has transformed a six-car subway train into six different sporting venues,” the newpaper report. “There is a swimming pool, a football pitch, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a running track and a field for throwing sports.”

The car with the swimming pool venue, which looks like a real water surface, has proven to be the most popular with commuters and tourists on social media, Strait Times said.

Several commuters, decked out in swim gear, have also been spotted taking advantage of the Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, the paper continued.

The artwork was also covered by the CNN, which interviewed the local water sports athlete Hsu Tzu-Hsiung who took photo of himself “swimming” in the metro car.

Hsu told CNN: “I waited until most of the passengers got off the train to take pictures. I think it’s a fun campaign to raise awareness about sport in general among Taiwanese and get the public to get involved in the games.”