CIB busts phishing and money laundering scammers

TAIPEI (CP) – The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) arrested four suspects for allegedly assisting and laundering money for overseas phishing scam rings.

According to the CIB, the four began establishing a caller center in July 2017 from where they called to threaten victims in mainland China using fake arrest warrants they forged and put online. Victims were directed to key in their online bank information and passwords on a faked Chinese prosecutors office website set up and used by overseas scammers to con the victims into wiring money to their dummy accounts.

The four also helped laundered money for the overseas scammers by buying online gambling chips with scamming proceeds and reselling them. The CIB said the four laundered NT$130 million in total and earned around NT$19 million for their service.

Under the direction of Taipei Shihlin District Court’s head prosecutor Ko Yi-ju, the Ninth Corp. of the CIB formed a task force with police officers in Taoyuan and Hsinchu and arrested the four in New Taipei’s Tamsui District on Sept. 27. 

The China Post staff