Panamanian cargo ship runs aground off Taoyuan

A Panama-registered cargo ship is seen aground on Oct. 14, 2017, 0.3 nautical miles off the coast of Taoyuan County in rough seas. (CNA)

TAIPEI (CNA) – A Panama-registered cargo ship ran aground Saturday 0.3 nautical miles off the coast of Taoyuan County in rough seas, according to a statement from the Maritime and Port Bureau.

A malfunction of the main and steering engines of the 50,626-ton bulk carrier the “Harvest Sky” left it dead in the water, the bureau said.

In a statement, the bureau said it received word from the 12th Offshore Flotilla earlier in the day that the Harvest Sky had been stranded.

However, the ship appeared to be in good condition and the 21 crew members onboard were safe, the bureau said, adding that there was no immediate risk of marine pollution.

Following an emergency meeting with a representative of the ship owner, the Coast Guard, the Taoyuan County Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Maritime and Port Bureau, it was decided that the vessel would be towed to safety when the weather conditions improved.

The vessel was carrying 19,068 tons of coal and 1,590 tons of diesel when it ran aground in bad weather.

By Wang Shu-feng and Kuan-lin Liu