China Post proudly celebrates 65th anniversary

The NOWnews logo is displayed on the facade of the company's headquarters on Oct. 17, 2017. The China Post is now part of the Chinese-language online news website NOWnews network (NOWnews今日新聞) and its “co-branding strategy” to bring quality English/Chinese content to its readers. (CP)

Taiwan’s leading English newspaper, “The China Post” (英文中國郵報), is proudly celebrating its 65th anniversary. The English daily is now part of the Chinese-language online news website NOWnews network (NOWnews今日新聞) and its “co-branding strategy” to bring quality English/Chinese content to its readers in Taiwan, and beyond, Asia.

Paul Chen (陳信夫), the former managing editor, is excited about the merger. After serving the newspaper for 40 years, he sent his best wishes to the “new China Post” during a recent interview. The newspaper, which started publishing on Sept. 3, 1952, has gone through generations thanks to its “professional news coverage” and its “dedicated staff,” and Chen was a key element of this transformation.

The China Post has long served as a gateway to English news in Taiwan, making it a reliable source of information for people of all walks of life. Chen stresses that The China Post delivers news all year round and provides crucial information, especially to foreign readers in Taiwan.

Located first on Fushun St., the company moved to Taipei’s Zhongxiao E. Rd. last year after George Hsieh (謝國樑), a former legislator, became chairman of the company in 2016. Hsieh successfully launched the newspaper’s digital transformation, before canceling the print version on May 15, 2017. The company was reorganized at the same time, seeking partnerships with local and foreign news media to become the leading English digital news platform in Taiwan.

While The China Post was taking another bold step toward its transformation, Chen expressed his satisfaction to see the newspaper’s quality writing standing the test of time and providing quality content to its readers. When asked about the reason why he joined the company, Chen thanked Tseng Chen-ming (鄭貞銘), the former deputy director and editor in chief of The China Post, and director of the Department of Journalism of Chinese Culture University, for introducing him to the company.

The founders of The China Post, Mr. and Mrs. Y. P. Huang, had long worked with the English department and Chen successfully applied for a position in the company in 1969. This was the beginning of a long and promising relationship that lasted for 40 years.

Asked about his years at The China Post, Chen praised the close relationship between the co-workers, turning press releases into news articles and translating local news into English for the many foreign readers who relied on the only English publication available in Taiwan. Readers always gave positive feedbacks to the daily news coverage, he remembered.

In addition to the newspaper, The China Post also published an airmail edition to Europe, America and Asia back then, as well as the “Bilingual Post” (中英雙語週報), which was a must-read among students planning to join the annual University entrance test. In 2008, The China Post also joined the Asia News Network (ANN, 亞洲新聞聯盟).

The newspaper is the exclusive representative of the ANN in Taiwan, among 17 leading newspapers in Asia. He feels especially proud of this achievement – to see The China post expand globally – just before he retired in 2009.

When looking in retrospect, Chen is grateful for his 40-year contribution to the newspaper, from which he has “learned a lot.” To quote Chinese writer Chen Zhifan’s essay, “Xie Tian” (Thanking the Heaven), Chen said, he would thank “Heaven” “since there too many people to thank.