Radio plays on drugs, bullying and sexual harassment raise student awareness

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) – The Criminal Investigation Bureau, CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation, and Police Broadcast Service unveiled on Nov. 14 a series of radio plays aimed at raising student awareness against drugs, bullying and sexual harassment.

The stories, consisting of 12 episodes, were specially designed for children and adolescents in Taiwan to educate them through entertainment. After listening to the stories, some students claimed that they had a better understanding of these issues.

Exposure to drugs can happen at an early age in contemporary society. Drugs can be hidden in a coffee or milk tea sachet, in beverages, or even melted in candies. Unaware students could easily be tricked.

With this observation in mind, Police Broadcast Service recorded the radio plays for children and adolescents with the support of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation.

The 12 stories also highlight issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assaults. The Ministry of Education plans to distribute the CDs to elementary schools and junior high schools in Taiwan as an educational material.