Taiwan’s new Entrepreneurs Visa, no need to set up a company beforehand

It seems that Taiwan had already garnered a reputation as a great place for strartups. However, Since Taiwan’s new Entrepreneurs Visa was back in 2015, there were few people know and even few successfully applied. Consequently, the Ministry of Economic Affair has responded with lifting restrictions and streamlining application process, plus the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration has launched a visa program to promote the benefits of Entrepreneurs Visa and hope to attract more foreign entrepreneurs come to Taiwan.

For the excellent geographical location, educated workforce, complete infrastructure and legal environment, and strong IT cluster, many stratups might choose Taiwan. Recently, there is a special visa called ”Taiwan Entrepreneurs Visa” for world’s innovative entrepreneur in Taiwan, which facilitates the process of founding a corporation. With the special visa, applicants who would get residency for 1 year with unlimited entry needn’t set up a business beforehand in Taiwan. Besides, if you want to come to Taiwan with your partner, you can apply for the visa as a group of up to three people. Or if you have a family, your spouse and children under 20 can all apply for dependent visas to come join you in Taiwan. After the expiration, the application can be extend, after five consecutive years of legal residency, during which you spend at least 183 days per year in Taiwan, you are qualified to apply for permanent residency.

Taiwan is a democratic country under the rule of law which benefits foreign entrepreneurs. For example, the applicant has received to reside at a central or local government-approved international innovation park; not to mention, it’s guaranteed to own patent of new innovations. Furthermore, the process of applying Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa is surely simple. Filling online visa application form, handing in 2 pieces of passport-sized photos, and providing the passport and 1 copy is all applicants need to prepare. The process averagely requires 2-4 weeks and the success rate has been up to 82%.

Do you wish to develop products, look for key partners or understand the market in Taiwan? If you decided to come to Taiwan and start your business venture here, please don’t miss “Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa”.

Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA,AD