10 new emerging tourist cities in 2018 including Taitung!

10 new emerging tourist cities in 2018 including Taitung /photo credit to AP IMAGES

2017 is coming to an end, have you decided where to travel next year yet? According Booking.com, there are “10 new emerging tourist cities in 2018” for consideration, preventing traveling-lovers from getting tired of those classic scenic spots. Whether it’s a sunny beach holiday, a city full of historical culture, or a culinary journey to meet the taste buds, they’re all included right here. Guarantee that you take note of the beauty of the city that you didn’t see before.

  • Sapporo, Japan: a journey of authentic Japanese cuisine
The scene of autumn and winter in Sapporo/ photo credit to AP IMAGES

Japan has been reelected as a favorite tourist spot for Taiwanese for years. If just staying in Tokyo and Kyoto can’t satisfy you anymore, then Sapporo may surprise you. Sapporo, in which you can experience mountain climbing, hot spring, and renowned restaurants providing all kinds of fresh seafood, must be an ideal destination for having a unique trip in Japan.

  • Nashville, US: enjoying the music tour satisfying all your senses
The Country Music Hall of Fame (left) and Museum and Grand Ole Opry (right) /photo credit to nashville.com

Nashville is famous for county music, and senior fans of folk music wouldn’t miss the chance to visit the museums of Jonny Cash and Willie Nelson or to step in the retro pubs. In addition, the nearby parks are also popular with those nature-lovers.

  • Bucharest, Romania: urban light trip bathed in elegant fashion
The city hall of Bucharest (left) and Cismigiu Gardens (right) /photo credits to romaniatourism.com and UDTR

There are many kinds of museums, parks and coffee shops in Bucharest, not to mention the ancient fusion combined with the new one of architecture there. In summer, it’s comfortable to rent a boat getting a tour in Cismigiu Gardens, and in winter, it’s leisure to read a book while staying in a café for whole afternoon.

  • Zakopane, Poland: stunned by the beauty of nature in mountaineering  
Gazdowska Parade–Kumoterki (typical sleigh) (left) and the competition of alpine skiing in Zakopane (right)  /photo credit to AP IMGAGES

The ski resorts on Mt. Zakopane have been always the popular spot during ski holiday. Recently, in summer, there are many hikers have been attracted by Tatra Mountains National Park in Zakopane, whose remarkable scenery is highly admired.

  • Taitung, Taiwan: charisma of the combination of urban scene and natural lohas.
The hot spring resort in Green Island (left) and Sansiantai (right) /photo credit to tour.taitung.gov.tw

Taitung, called as the back yard garden of Taiwan, is a city with slow pace and fresh air. No matter undamaged natural scenery, hot spring or temple, all could be found in Taitung. If you want to participate in aquatic activity, diving or strolling along the beach in Green Island will be a perfect choice. Moreover, the local seafood dishes are also a part of Taitung that you definitely can’t miss.

  • Brisbane, Australia: relaxing beach vacation with sunny weather
Golden Coast (left) and Brisbane Botanic Gardens – Mt-Coot-tha (right) /photo credits to AP IMAGES and anbg.gov.au

Being famous for Golden Coast, Brisbane provides many kinds of beach and aquatic activities such as surfing, getting a sun bath, and dolphin watching. If you don’t have much time to visit any coasts, don’t worry, because there are so many artificial beaches in the downtown area that you can immerse your feet in the cool water anytime .

  • Bogota, Colombia: a Latin railway trip seasoned with the aroma of coffee


photo credit to AP IMAGES

Bogota is the most busy town centre in Colombia, in which the graffiti of streets and plenty of museums dazzle the tourists. The best way to experience the charm of this city is taking the train to tour around with cups of local grind coffee.

  • Portland, US: City of roses with multiple cultures
photo credit to AP IMAGES

As the biggest city of Oregon, you can enjoy the colorful night life in Portland including street snacks, busking, and outdoor activities. It’s suitable for those modern travelers to taste the special beer of Portland and visit art museums on a bike, finding the secret beauty of this “City of roses”.

  • Lima, Peru: having adventures that you couldn’t forget.
photo credits to Tripadvisor and AbsoluteVisit

Before heading to Lima, don’t forget to enhance physical training because there are a variety of adventures waiting for you to challenge like paragliding, surfing, and of courses, Latin parties. Furthermore, Lima is called as a “delicacy of the capital in South America”, so it’s absolutely a good chance to whet your appetite.

  • Hannover, German: the best representation of “urban jungle”
photo credit to hannover.de

Full of the museums, galleries, and opera, Hannover is definitely the paradise for art lovers. Along with a lot of greens like The Herrenhausen Gardens, Maschsee Lake, and the biggest urban forest in Europe—Eilenriede, a sense of nature has been added in the artistic atmosphere of Hannover.