The annual conference of the WLFD and APLFD will be held in Taipei

Mr. Yong-Quan Ceng, the managing director of both WLFD and APLFD.

The World League for Freedom and Democracy (WLFD) &. The Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy (APLFD) will jointly hold 2017 Annual General Conference of the WLFD &. The 63rd Annual General Conference of the APLFD in Taipei on December 14th and 15th. 27 countries and 50 members in organization are invited, including the chairman of UN NGO/DP Executive committee, Mr. Bruce Knotts, and the committee member as the former chairman, Mr. Jeffery Huffines. In particular, the chairmen, presidents, and representatives of national braches of the APLFD make up more than half of the total number of participants. These participating countries look forward to well communicate by interaction on the issue of democracy, rule of law, and economic development through this conference. In addition, another Latin American regional conference will be held to assist the governments in promoting the civil diplomacy and parliament.

Mr. Yong-Quan Ceng, who is the managing director of both WLFD and APLFD, stated that the theme of the annual conference is “Democratic rule of law and economic development” with focus on “peace” and mentioned that current situation in the world is so uncertain that a conflict may break out any time. Furthermore the political actions of those “politician madmen” like Trump, Duterte, and Kim Jong-un are unpredictable, plus the location of Taiwan is very pivotal. Therefore, the WLFD and APLFD play an important role in the well-being of all mankind.

Yong-Quan Ceng also said WLFD has been working on track two diplomacy for the government for a long term, with more than 130 branches all around the world especially in the countries having no diplomatic relationships with Taiwan. The presidents of branches are often occupied by congressmen or characters who are influential to politics. They have made great efforts to Taiwan’s diploma with the aim of the local Taiwanese businessmen as a vice-president, and especially keeping close relationship with Southeast Asia and Asean countries, which plays a vital part in the New Southbound Policy.

The WLFD is authorized by the UN in 1993 to be an official member of UN/DPI/NGO, as well as the first NGO of the UN that our country entered. The WLFD attends the annual conference of UN/DPI/NGO and relating activities every year. Recently, the chairmen of the WLFD including Sister. Joan Kirby, Mr. Bruce Knotts, Mr. Charles Hitchcock, and Mr. Jeffery V. Huffines have been all invited to Taiwan attending World Freedom Day celebration ceremony or the annual conference of WLFD, affirming and supporting the WLFD and the APLFD in promoting democracy and freedom.

Yong-Quan Ceng also pointed out that Mr. Bruce Knotts, the chairman of UN NGO/DP  Executive committee, has set up a good relationship with Taiwan, paying a special visit to Tzu Chi Culture Center and praised Tzu Chi for its ubiquitous international assistance.
Yong-Quan Ceng emphasized there would be seven Latin American countries attending the meeting this year, including Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, so there would be an extra organization conference of Latin American region on the last day. “Last year, the conference of European region was held in Bulgaria, thus I met the president and prime minister of Bulgaria. The purpose of the WLFD is to go all out to advocate democracy and freedom anytime,” Yong-Quan Ceng said.

The chairman of UN NGO/DP Executive committee, Mr. Bruce Knotts.