2017 general conference of the WLFD & APLFD successfully assisted the government with diplomacy

2017 WLFD General Conference &. The 63rd APLFD Conference held in Taipei

The World League for Freedom and Democracy (WLFD) & The Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy (APLFD) are jointly holding 2017 General Conference from December 14th to 16th in the Grand Hotel Taipei. The theme of the conference is “Democracy, the rule of law and economic growth,” and more than 50 foreign guests were invited to gather and make efforts to the well-being to mankind all over the world.

Tseng Yung-Chuan, the president of WLFD R.O.C. chapter, delivered a speech on the opening ceremony of 2017 general conference.

On the opening ceremony of 2017 General Conference of the WLFD & The 63rd conference of APLFD held in the Grand Hotel in the morning, the chairman of the WLFD R.O.C. Taiwan chapter, Ying-Chi Rao emphasized that the  APLED is one of the organizations which have the longest history promoting freedom and democracy, and we’re all willing to see Chinese mainland treats democracy as the chasing goal.

In the speech, Tseng Yung-Chuan, the managing director of the WLFD, stated that only under the condition of economic development, democracy would be consolidated step by step. After the consolidation of democracy, the rule of law would become more important to protect the result of democracy. Moreover, he also mentioned the participants all look forward to chasing world peace together through the discussions during this general conference in the former interview.


The chairman of UN DPI/NGO Executive committee, Mr. Bruce Knotts, gave a speech on the opening ceremony of 2017 general conference of the WLFD and APLFD.

The chairman of UN DPI/NGO Executive committee, Mr. Bruce Knotts, said that this is the stressful time that democracy, life quality, and religion freedom are still challenged nowadays, and he also mentioned that the press and media freedom are also challenged as well as the freedom of speech and sending. “Due to the accusation of ‘the fake news’, the truth is under attack. Without respect of the truth, freedom and democracy are in danger. That’s definitely stupid,” he said in the speech.

Most of the speaker highly praised the democracy and freedom of Taiwan while delivering a speech, and the Lithuanian congressman, remarks by Hon. Mantas Adomenas, even called Taiwan as “an island of freedom”, which demonstrated the result of efforts that the GOs and NGOs in Taiwan made to enhancing the freedom of the public.

In addition, there was a meeting in the afternoon that many representative delivered speeches and raised the problems and dilemmas of recent global society for participants to ponder over and discuss. The issues including same-sex marriage, the conflict between North Korea and the whole world, and the elections of South America next year.

There were 29 countries (organizations) and 50 foreign guests invited to participate in the general conference of both the WLFD and APLFD in Taipei this year, including the chairman of UN DPI/NGO Executive committee, Mr. Bruce Knotts, the committee member as the former chairman, Mr. Jeffery Huffines, and congressmen representing different countries. In particular, the chairmen, presidents, and representatives of national chapters of the WLFD and APLFD make up more than half of the total number of participants. In this event which is held in different countries every year, they shared the experience of promoting democracy and freedom and making efforts to economic development in order to create the well-being of all mankind, maintaining the goal and spirit of the Asia and the world peace.Therefore it is really meaningful that the conference was held in ROC, Taiwan again.

The Lithuanian congressman, remarks by Hon. Mantas Adomenas, the chairman of the Mexican chapter, Hon. Cesar Jauregui, and the former chairman of the UN DPI/NGO, Mr. Jeffery Huffines. (from the left to the right)