Friends are back! The most classic American TV series in 20 years

photo credit to iMDb

Do you still remember the café “Central Perk”? Do you miss Phoebe play the guitar and sing “Smelly Cat”? Since it had been broadcast in 1994, there are ten seasons of Friends. Although the TV series was over in 2004, the official Facebook fanpage still has nearly 20 million fans, which shows fans’ royalty of Friends.

photo credit to iMDb 
photo credit to iMDb

In the New Year, the dreams of Taiwan’s fans of friends will finally come true. Netflix released all episodes of the classic American TV series Friends from season 1 to season 10 on January 1st. The fans will never suffer from the difficulties of finding the specific episodes. Beside, Netflix offers both Chinese and English subtitles of Friends, which allows those who learnt English by Friends before could review the classic lines again and again!

In addition to the TV series’ comeback, the musical ”Friends! The Musical!” is going to make its debut in New York this autumn, recapturing the classic sings and funny interactions between six friends.

The last episode of Friends /photo credit to iMDb
The reunion of roles of Friends in 2017/ photo credit to iMDb

Since the TV series was over in 2004, the six main actors and actress of Friends finally reunited last February, and talked about the attractive sidelights during shooting and their favorite plots. This year, the editors Bob and Tobly McSmith are going to move the US drama on the stage. Despite that the roles of the musical version are not the original ones, according to the surprise that Bob invited the original roles to be guest performers, audience are still looking forward to seeing the familiar Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey on the stage that time.