Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan continues developing business in Taiwan and supporting Taiwanese corporations to expand business in global market

The Vice President Chien-Jen Chen awarded Anthony LIN, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan, a certificate of “iSport enterprise.

Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan provided a number of innovative services of financial services which have been highly praised by customers with winning numerous awards at home and abroad in 2017. The year of 2017 also marked the tenth anniversary of Standard Chartered’s successful integration of Hsinchu International Bank, showings the Bank’s strong commitment in Taiwan. With the brand promise of “Here for good,” Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has offered the world-class financial services to customers in Taiwan for over 30 years.

Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan is the foreign bank which has the largest branch network in Taiwan. In the past 2 years, Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has made a significant investment in the iWealth Centres in both Taipei and Taichung. The iWealth Centres provide 6-star digital financial services. Combining technology, humanity and profession, the iWealth Centres offer customers high-quality and user- friendly services.

To provide advanced digital financial services and to follow the recent trend of mobile payment in Taiwan, Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has introduced three major mobile payments, including Apple pay, Samsung Pay and Android pay in 2017. Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan is also the only foreign bank which provides all 3 major mobile payments in Taiwan.

While the government aggressively promotes the “New South Bound” policy, encouraging Taiwanese corporations to expand their business in ASEAN countries, Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has leveraged the Banks’ cross- border resources to support Taiwanese enterprises to develop their business in ASEAN countries. “Standard Chartered Group has branches almost in all fast growing emerging markets in the world. These branches aggressively promote the development of local commerce and provide innovative financial services to the community. Today, Standard Chartered is the only international bank operating in all 10 ASEAN markets and the only fully operational international commercial bank in all four South Asian markets. The Bank is certainly the strongest partner for Taiwanese corporations which plan to expand into a new market for the first time,” said Anthony Lin, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan.

Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has been providing financial services to Taiwanese enterprises in Southeast Asia for 10 years. The Bank is the first foreign bank supporting “Taiwan-India Trade Corridors,” and is also one of the banks offering cross-border RMB financing. In the future, Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan, with global financial expertise and international resources, will continue to offer high-quality financial services for Taiwanese customers and dedicates to becoming the best backing for Taiwanese corporations’ cross-border development.

Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has demonstrated the Bank’s strong commitment in Taiwan by providing a variety of advanced financial services and giving back to the society with numerous charity sponsorships. The brilliant performances have won several awards at home and abroad in 2017.

With the challenges from the changing global economy, Standard Chartered
Bank Taiwan will continue to make efforts on nurturing talents and diversified development. Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan has strong confidence in facing all challenges with full energy, completing the mission, and delivering outstanding results in Taiwan in the next ten years.

Taichung Mayor Lin, Chia-long and the deputy representative of British Office Taipei Andrew Pittam, along with LIN, Anthony, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan jointly attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the first iWealth Centre in Taichung in August 2017.
Standard Chartered Bank held a forum of “ASEAN & India Trade Corridor” for supporting “New South Bound” policy in June 2017.

It will be the 5th anniversary of “Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon” in 2018. There are over 30000 runners from about 40 countries to join the competition every year, which creates the joyful atmosphere for the first race after the New Year!