Thirst for changing fate, Indian women crazy about plastic surgery

(AP Photo/Ajit Solanki, File)

Speaking of plastic surgery, most think about Korea which successfully exports their cultural industry to many countries. However, recently there is one country in which people are having obsession with plastic surgery in Asia. Although the charge for the plastic surgery almost equals the per capita income, people still make a beeline for it.

It’s India.

According to ISAPS, in the 2017 ranking of the times of the operations of plastic surgeries, India ranks seventh in the world. It’s hard to believe that in the country in which more than 21% of people can’t afford their daily consumption of food so many people would like to have plastic surgeries.

However, the reasons that cause the fad of plastic surgery in India aren’t quite identical with other countries’. Due to patriarchal hegemony, the discrimination and prejudice against women in Indian society, Indian women treat plastic surgeries as best method to escape from the week position in the relationships.

(AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

According to Daily Mail, the southern state Tamil Nadu that provides the best public welfare in India offered free canteens and gave computers to impoverished families in the past. Recently, it has brought up new policy: sponsoring the women in the country to have free plastic surgeries.

“If women in the state have desire for beauty, the government would provide financial support. The right of becoming good-looking can’t be taken by poverty,” the minister of public health Vijayabaska said.

The reasons why the state government listed plastic surgery as a subsidy policy, in addition to appearance, in fact, are also closely related to the situation of women in India.

(AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

Indian women are often mocked and bullied for the appearances, which has made difficulties and obstacles in workplace and marriage. Based on the statistics by ISAPS mentioned above, there were 870 thousand times of plastic surgeries operated in India in 2017, and the charge of each time is about 2300 to 3800 U.S. dollars. The amount is equivalent to the average annual income of the general public in India.

Even if they have to spend a few years of savings, many Indian women are still eager for plastic surgery. All they want is to change their life, to escape from the discriminations and hoping to have a better future.

Nonetheless, the reasons for the long-term low status of Indian women are too complicated, and the cultural factor which cannot be changed overnight have also led to the deep-rooted concept. At this stage now, the only way to improve social status is through plastic surgery, but it’s definitely not a good way to eradicate gender discrimination.

Plastic surgery is just a superficial way to cater to the society. Looking forward to deep internal reverberations in India, Indian women may have the chances to move to the future without changing face.