Tea Aroma from a Maritime Country: Taiwan Lantern Festival Blends the Best of Fishery and Agriculture

Agricultural Innovation and Revitalization. (Photo courtesy of iClick Inc.)

Taiwan is a maritime nation that boasts over 200 peaks above 3,000 meters in elevation. From February 16 to March 11, this maritime nation is immersed in the fanfare of lights and Chiayi County is the host of the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival. With abundance in production and high diversity in culture, Chiayi County presents the best of Chiayi through technology and art, opening the fanfare with the fighter spirit of the fishermen and dazzling worldwide visitors with high-tech agriculture, high-mountain tea and the outdoor banquet culture.

This year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival is themed with an overall atmosphere of harmony and togetherness and enriched by the diversified and vivid culture emerged from the mountains, plains and farming villages of Taiwan.

Premium Alishan High-mountain Oolong Tea grown in Chiayi County is regarded as one of the best in the world. The Chinese character of “Tea” – “茶” is formed by three parts, herb (艸), human (人) and wood (木). Thus, the centerpiece of the “Mountains” zone is designed with the concept – “Human in the midst of greens”. A 30-meter-long bamboo weave in the form of a “tea sprout” presents the process of tea growing, picking and production. The final product – kneaded tea beads represents the wisdom of the farmers, and the tea ceremony presents the richness of tea culture.

The “seaside” zone tells the stories of the warriors on the sea – the fishermen and the tranquil fishing villages in the cradle of the ocean. Colorful lights beam out from the fabric project giant fish cruising leisurely in the sea under starry sky. The dazzling light show is the favorite of aerial photographers. The “Plains” zone features the “Future Mission”, presenting the breeding technology in the glass pyramid. “Vigor and Vitality” showcases the orchid technology of Chiayi County in a greenhouse, and in a vaulted greenhouse, “Circle of Life,” featuring a floating astronaut, presents the innovative spirit of agricultural technology in the future.

About 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chiayi
Date: February 16 to March 11, 2018.
Location: Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Taizi Blvd, and Chiayi County Administrative District.
Website: www.taiwan.net.tw/2018taiwanlantern