Siemens to co-create a digital future with its global and local partners to support Taiwan’s transformation

  • Siemens is committed to continuing its support to Taiwan in Future of Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy and Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Siemens has continuously expanded its Digitalization portfolio. It is now one of the ten largest software companies worldwide and has substantial digital footprints in Taiwan.
  • Siemens is launching its IoT operating system MindSphere, aiming to co-create a digital future with its global and local partners to support Taiwan’s transformation.

Digitalization is the strategic lever for countries, economies and industries to transform and to remain competitive for the future. Taiwan is aiming to develop itself into a digital nation and smart island. Over the past decade, Siemens has been continuously and strategically expanding its Digitalization portfolio while strengthening its leading position in Electrification and Automation.

On March 15, 2018, Siemens is officially launching its cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere in Taiwan. Siemens vows to co-create industrial applications and digital services together with its global and local partners to support Taiwan’s manufacturing, energy and infrastructure transformations in the digital age for the sustainable development of the island.

In fiscal 2017, Siemens has accomplished several milestones in Future of Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy, and Intelligent Infrastructure to support Taiwan’s transformation. Together with Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), Siemens accelerated the development of Industrie 4.0 and the deployment of digital enterprise for Taiwan’s aerospace industry. To ensure a smooth energy transition, the Company provided stable power supply meeting user demand via gas-fired power generation in southern Taiwan, and ensured an efficient power transmission via supporting Taiwan Power Company in five Area Dispatch Centers in western Taiwan. Siemens also assisted Taipei Nanshan Plaza in optimizing its building performance, as well as provided a stable and reliable power supply for Taiwan Railway South Link Line and Kaohsiung Light Rail II.

As the world is becoming increasingly digitalized, Siemens has steadily expanded its Digitalization portfolio. In fiscal 2017, Siemens’ global revenue from software and digital services grew by 20 percent. Siemens is now one of the 10 largest software companies in the world. In Taiwan, Siemens Industry Software (SISW) is helping manufacturers to become digital enterprises with its PLM solutions. Mentor Graphic, a pioneer and leader in design automation software, is now a Siemens business and has 123 R&D and engineering employees in Taiwan.

Earlier this year, Siemens established the Energy Management Training Center in Kaohsiung to provide trainings on integrated power systems to minimize the interruptions to industrial operations from emergent power breakdowns. Based on the support of Taichung City Government, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Industrial Technology Research Institute, Siemens will establish the Digitalization Experience and R&D Center in Taichung to share and exchange the latest technologies and developments in Industrie 4.0, digital manufacturing and industrial IoT with Taiwanese stakeholders.

To further enhance its digital footprints to support Taiwan’s industrial, energy and infrastructure transformations, Siemens is launching its cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere in Taiwan. Featuring Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), MindSphere enables customers and partners to develop, run and manage their applications without building their own infrastructure or managing complex software stacks. With the global installed base of millions of devices, Siemens together with its customers and partners will develop applications through MindSphere and deliver digital services with domain know-how.

At the launch event on March 15 in Taipei, Taiwan, representatives from global as well as local partners and customers such as Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd. and SYSTEX Corporation will participate and share their views and experiences in co-creating a digital future for Taiwan’s industries.

Erdal Elver, President and CEO of Siemens Taiwan stated, “In the era of IoT, digitalization is the key lever to support the nation and its industries to successfully transform. As Taiwan’s long-term trusted and reliable technology partner, we will continue to provide our most advanced and proven digital technologies to assist Taiwan in accelerating its pace towards digital transformation.

We are proud to support the digitalization across manufacturing sector, energy industry, transportation and cities infrastructure via MindSphere in Taiwan.”