Mayor of Cypriot beach town says boorish tourists unwelcome

Mayor of Cypriot beach town says boorish tourists unwelcome
In this photo taken on Sunday July 23, 2017, Tourists dance in the foam at a beach bar in "Nissi beach" in southeast resort of Ayia Napa, Cyprus The mayor of Ayia Napa Yiannis Karousos, the seaside town that has long been a favorite for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers annually, wants to keep out boorish, ill-mannered louts that he says on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, give his town a bad name and infuriate locals and other tourists alike. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, File)

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The mayor of one of Cyprus’ premier tourist hotspots says police patrols will be stepped up this summer to keep in check boorish visitors who give his town a bad name.

Ayia Napa Mayor Yiannis Karousos told The Associated Press on Thursday that cameras also will be installed to supplement the heightened presence of uniformed and plainclothes officers.

Karousos has declared the binge-drinking tourists known for indulging in public sex unwelcome in Ayia Napa, a resort town famous for its beaches and vibrant club scene.

He says tour operators have been asked not to bring misbehaving vacationers to Ayia Napa as the municipality works to clean up its image as a destination.

The mayor says troublemakers are only a tiny fraction of the 800,000 holidaymakers the town hosts annually.