In order to diversify labor values, integrate social resources and upgrade tourism and leisure for labor, the Kaohsiung City Government delegated “Chengcing hostel, Labor Education & Life Center, The Bureau of Labor Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government ” to the Huafu Group under a ROT (Reconstruction-Operation-Transfer)  arrangement. After the hall was refitted, it reopened for a trial operation and was renamed “Huashe Hotel Kaohsiung Branch” on December 28, 2017. It was scheduled to have a grand opening in April 2018. The hotel rejuvenated the Kaohsiung tourism industry due to its close proximity to popular destinations including Chengcing Lake, Chengcing Lake Baseball Stadium and shopping areas in Fengshan and Niaosong.

The hotel contains 138 rooms, an auditorium capable of hosting 1,800 people and an international conference center with seating for up to 200 people. With a visual concept that combines both modern and industrial elements, the hotel utilizes environmentally friendly facilities whilst simultaneously providing guests with a unique experience of rest and relaxation. The modern-style exterior of the building retains its original design, with dazzling architecture paired with the yellow, blue and orange blocks on the walls. The interior design of the 138 rooms perfectly matches the modern-industrial style exterior of the hotel. The Walls are lined with grey and white bricks, bathed under the yellow light of European style lamps, imbuing the rooms with a romantic atmosphere. In addition, part of the rooms are decorated in an earthy tone. The walls are painted yellow and dark green with a wooden floor and simple yet elegant furniture, making for a relaxing space to rest.

It’s worth mentioning that to support a circular economy and maintain environmental protection, the Huafu Group integrated the facilities in the rooms with elements of industrial style from related enterprise Far Eastern Transport. For instance, the food trolleys in Boeing aircrafts are utilized as movable chests, which gives the guest the special experience of feeling like they are traveling in the sky.

Huafu Group ‘s Huashe Hotel currently has branches located in Beitou, Chiayi, and Kaohsiung. Cooperating with transportation and tourism services, it supplies airline customers with accommodation from time to time to provide travelers with more convenient travel experiences. Further details can be found on the official website.

Huashe Hotel Kaohsiung Branch

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