Too muscular for 59 years old? Madonna keeps challenging the public expectations for women’s body

FILE - In this Dec. 9, 2016 file photo, Madonna attends the 11th Annual Billboard Women in Music honors in New York. MGM Motion Picture Group president Jonathan Glickman says Tuesday that the pop music icon will direct a film based on ballet dancer Michaela DePrince memoir “Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina.” DePrince overcame a childhood in war-stricken Sierra Leone to become a world class ballerina. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

Madonna has kept challenging the social concept of “acceptable femininity” by the music video offending religious authority, talking about eroticism undisguisedly, and her performances inspired by hateful stigmas.  At the age of 59, Madonna hasn’t stopped challenging the public’s limits. The traces of years on her body and the muscle lines coming from her insist on working out every day are telling everyone: Women are more than just a look.

A lot of people got inspired and become her supporter; still some hardly understand, judging her for contempt for morality. Her ex-boyfriend Vanilla Ice harshly criticized her after her book Sex was published. He said he was so embarrassed and ashamed, even describing the book as a porno. “It’s improper for her nakedness at her age now,” Vanilla Ice said and left her.

A photographer takes pictures of a selection of outfits worn by Madonna at the press view of the ‘Simply Madonna Materials of the Girl’ exhibition in London, Friday Feb. 20, 2009. The exhibition tells the story of Madonna’s 25-year career and includes over three-hundred personal items including film outfits, stage costumes and artefacts brought together for the first time. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)
ARCHIV – Im Korsett des französischen Designers Jean Paul Gaultier tritt US-Sängerin Madonna am 17.07.1990 in Dortmund im Rahmen ihrer “Blond Ambition World Tour” auf. Rund 130 Kreationen des französischen Designers Jean Paul Gaultier sind seit 25.10.2013 in der Ausstellung «From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier» im Brooklyn Museum in New York zu sehen. Photo by: Franz-Peter Tschauner/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Elder women, especially those public figures, are always ignored and thought they are doing nothing with being sexy and beauty. People think the only thing that elder females could do is to age peacefully.  Madonna is definitely a frequent user on social media, and she sometimes posts her half-naked selfies which always bring about discussions and comments.  “You are already 59,” “Do you respect yourself?” some people said. Maybe to those criticizers, her age doesn’t allow her to be sexy or to be naked anymore, because to the public, being sexy is the privilege for young girls.  The aged body won’t be gazed and fantasized, and not even desirable, so it shouldn’t come into public’s eye.  Like other women, Madonna has the duty to get aged low-keyedly.

It is hard for the public to accept that the elder females who refuse to give in to age show off their appearance and body.  However, Madonna hasn’t ever stopped challenged the limits, continuing posting the topless selfies. She has the right to disobey the rules of “acceptable femininity” set by the society.  Elder females still have the right to talk about eroticism and have the sexy expression, though it is maybe unusual.

Since the 1999 Grammy Award, Madonna’s muscle lines have been under the spotlight.  Until now, she still spends two hours a day on working out, but the blue veins on her arms have been under judgment.  This reflects that young and beautiful cheerleaders are accepted by the people to cheer for the sports players in mini skirt, but sporty strong women are not “acceptable femininity.”  In a low-cut pink dress, with long blonde hair and strong arm muscles, Madonna has already showed this kind of integration of masculinity and femininity on her own, and proof to the world that it works and natural.

Madonna poses with her four Grammy Awards backstage at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999. Madonna’s “Ray of Light” won best recording package, best pop album, best short form music video and best dance recording. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Famous Youtuber Jenna Marbles has indicated the worlds hold discrimination to sporty females, responding that some people criticize the Olympics kill the feminine beauty because the sporty bras flatten women’s breasts.  Those criticizers saying Madonna gets too much muscle and goes to the gym too much maybe lack for the open-mind and imagination toward sporty females.  They have obsession with busty and skinny women, but look down on those who don’t have that kind of figure.

As Madonna’s speech at Billboard, there is truly a huge gap of treatment between males and females.  Elder males can act as fearless spy or rough cowboy on the big screen, and the older they get, the more attractive they become.  Those muscular men are permitted, and even treated as the ideal image.  However, when females get aged or get more muscle on the body, they receive unfair judgment.  Maybe it’s time to broaden the definition of female beauty.  What can be accepted and what cannot should be defined by females.