Public hospital staff members voted most trusted public employees

Image taken from Pixabay via CNA

Taipei, April 7 (CNA) Public hospital staff members were considered the most upright and ethical public sector employees from a list of 26 different professions in 2017, according to a public opinion survey conducted by the Agency Against Corruption (AAC).

The telephone survey, which was conducted in June 2017 and published this March, had a random sample of 1,106 people who rated public employees on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most corrupt and 10 most upright.

After the results were collated, public hospital staff received an average score of 6.55, followed by civil servants with 6.17, supervisory staff at 6, fire prevention inspection staff 5.94, police 5.84 and military service personnel 5.83.

According to the AAC, the ranking for the police rose two spots from its October 2016 position of seventh, which could be attributed to efforts by police departments to rebrand and connect with the public through social media.

Meanwhile, educational administrators dropped from fifth in 2016 to seventh in 2017.

Employees in the judicial system, including prosecutors and judges, ranked in the middle on the list, 13th and 18th, respectively, but the AAC said this could be more a reflection of people not trusting them rather than thinking they are corrupt.

Government procurement agents, township representatives, city and county councilors, legislators and land development agents were found to be the five least trusted public employees in descending order.

(By Hsiao Po-wen and Kuan-lin Liu)