Taipei, April 8 (CNA) Taiwan’s national team has been declared joint champion in the men’s 560kg category at the 2018 Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) Indoor World Championships held in Xuzhou, China last month, following the amendment of a faulty ruling by TWIF officials, according to the Chinese Taipei Tug of War Association (CTWA).

Taiwan was initially declared to have lost the final to Ireland on March 10, as a result of what has now been declared a poor call by the TWIF referee. Immediately after the result, the Taiwan team filed an official complaint with the TWIF protesting the ruling.

CTWA on Saturday received a letter from TWIF explaining that after reviewing available evidence, it has been determined that human error on the part of its referees and judges in the final resulted in a bad decision.

Noting that this was an isolated case, TWIF said that the result of the match has been amended in accordance with due process and after reviewing the evidence, including video footage provided by CTWA together with reports by the head referee and TWIF officials.

The Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) announced the amendment of the result of the competition. Taiwan’s national team has been declared joint champion with Ireland team on April 4th. (Image taken from Facebook@Country Club Tug Of War via NOWnews)

TWIF said that after recognizing the mistake it decided to amend the result to show that the Taiwan and Irish teams tied for first place in the men’s 560kg category. The Irish side has also been informed of the change to the official result.

Taiwan won two golds, two silvers and one bronze at this year’s TWIF World Indoor Championships.

In the final match in the men’s 560kg division on March 10, after Ireland took the first set, the referee failed to notice that the leg of an Irish athlete crossed the line, awarding Ireland victory in the second set.

However, that decision caused an immediate outcry among Taiwanese netizens and demands for a rematch.

Meanwhile, CTWA filed an official complaint on March 11 with TWIF.

On March 16, TWIF wrote to CTWA asking it to submit video footage of the final for it to review.

(By Lee Chin-wei and Evelyn Kao)