Residence permit holders soon to take part in online policy platform

Photo courtesy of NOWnews, 2018.4.19

Taipei, April 18 (CNA) Residence permit holders in Taiwan will be able to take part in an online policy participation platform to submit tips and proposals in June, according to the National Development Council (NDC).

The Public Policy Participation Network Platform, set up by the NDC in February 2015, is a way for people to participate in public affairs, through which the government has established a channel for rational dialogue and communication with the general public.

NDC Department of National Development Council head Chuang Ming-fen (莊明芬) said that a review to the Directions for Implementing Online Participation in Public Policy has been approved by the Executive Yuan April 11 which allows residence permit holders in Taiwan to present their proposals for public affairs through the platform.

As of the end of March, a total of 5,190 proposals were presented through the platform, of which 138 became recognized, representing a 5.9 percent of the total, according to the NDC.

During the same period, the platform had 11.22 million visits with a accumulative number of page views 23.14 million times, the NDC data shows.

(By Chen Cheng-wei and William Yen)