New wedding trend: Barn Wedding

Rustic New Jersey Barn Wedding (Image taken from Glittery Bride)

Marriage is a big deal in one’s life for many people, and where to hold the wedding ceremony is also important. Nowadays, a lot of young couples choose to celebrate this huge event on the beach, in the park or even on some tropical islands. However, in America, more and more couples recently have their wedding ceremony in the rural barn.

According to The Knot’s statistics, last year, the rate that couples decided to hold the wedding in a bran, farm, or ranch rise from 2% in 2009 to 15%. The rates of holding the wedding in traditional venues like restaurants and hotels have been declined. They were relatively 17% and 12%. Gabrielle Stone, the wedding planner from Boston, observed that even though some couples ended up not choosing to hold the wedding in the barn, many of them had inspected the location of the barn.

Is the reason for holding weddings in barns inexpensiveness? Actually, it’s not really. Gabrielle Stone indicated that there are indeed many barns with cheap rent for couples who really live in the country to welcome their marriage. In fact, the barns that attract a lot of couples are those built specifically for weddings. Despite its high price, holding the wedding ceremony in a barn has become a trend in America. Pippin Hill Farm, inaugurated in 2011, Virginia, is one of those popular barns. “Actually we won’t have the chance to see stacks in a barn wedding, and nobody will wear coveralls, either,” the owner Lynn Easton Andrews explained.

Image taken from Pinterest

Helbush thought that young generation tends to express their own styles and look forward to getting rid of the traditions, so they expect wedding to show personalities rather than to meet parents’ expectations. Thus, having wedding in the barn can really shows their fond of nature.

In other words, the young generation in America advocates “laid-back” and “chill” life style. Even they are willing to spend much on the wedding, they neither want to step in the fine dining restaurant nor want to put on the black or white suit and dress.

The youth consider the traditional wedding as a formal event where friends can’t talk naturally; yet the atmosphere in barns and farms is quite easy so they can enjoy the joy and blessings. The interior design of these barns, of course, is different from formal wedding venues. They are usually decorated in the style called “rustic chic.” For instance, there will the blackboard with word written by chalks as a road sign.

Returning back to nature is the desire of a lot of urban people, and holding the wedding in the barn can just realize their wish for a short time. However, why barns become the symbol of nature to Americans? “Because the Pinterest says so,” Helbush laughed and said.

Image taken from Orange Blossom Bride