Those funny stock photos

If you are a binge-watcher, those must be familiar for you: layers and doctors have complicated affairs, having happy hours at a bar after work; the scientists should work as a detective, solving the cases; there must be infighting among the editors of fashion magazines. To most of people, if wanting to know an industry, they might rely on TV series or news reports.

However, when there are no provided photos for reports, the reporters often search the photos in the stock for help. For the readers, those photos make it easy to understand the article. In fact, for those who really work in the industry, they might think the photos which are used to represent their jobs are ridiculous. Recently, a hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob has raged on Twitter, the professionals selected their job’s stock photos which are far away from the fact and leave some interesting comments below.

Nicole Paulk, the professor of biological physics and chemicals from UCSF, was the first one to point out unreasonableness of stock photos on the social media. “I tried to found stock photos of professor of biological physics without wearing old-fashioned coat or photos which doesn’t look that boring,” she said. In the end, she found a photo in which a “scientist” stares at a piece of dry ice. She posted this photo on Twitter and commented that even a “dry-ice scientist” would not act like this.

In fact, there are a lot of unreasonable stock photos of all kinds of working positions. The scientific blogger Yvette d’Entremont came up with the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, drawing people from different industries to get involved in this self-ridiculed activity.


Dave Hemprich-Bennett doubted whether he self would be so afraid of plants as a ecologist.




“Sitting in an all dark room, the source codes reflect on my face when I deal with the difficult problems, and I really enjoy it,” Tauno Talimaa, an application developer, said.



Sabine Stanley, a professor from Johns Hopkins University indicated that she wishes to become an astronomer because astronomers are able to move the planets with hands “without doubt.”



“It is not weird at all that you thumb up after a uterine examination,” the doctor Jennifer Gunter said.

PhD of philosophy

The PhD student Shiloh Carroll commented: ”Of course I bring my robe with me when I am going to the library, or how can people know I have a PhD?”




The applied chemist Amy Heffernan was curios why hot pink liquid can be collected in fields.


“Isn’t there any physicist beginning without writing equations on the mirror,” Paul Coxon, a physicist from Cambridge University, laughed and said.

Environmental scientist

Natasha Carlson-P indicated that although she didn’t understand what this environmental scientist is doing, she praised of the pose of failure.