“Mandarin 101, Take Me to the World,” Traveling and Learning Mandarin with Youtuber

The creator of famous Tainan delicacy, Nuofu (right), and the youtuber, Logan D. Beck (middle), represent content of the lesson in "Mandarin 101."

Ministry of Education (MOE) held “Mandarin 101, Take Me to the World” press conference Thursday, a brand new online Mandarin learning model would be published, including “Mandarin 101” online learning material. MOE has also worked with a youtuber to recommend Taiwan’s culture and content of Mandarin learning.

Professor Zhang Yu-Xi from University of Taipei is invited to design “Mandarin 101” online learning material for short-term stayer. These materials are the only and the first teaching material in Taiwan chosen as supporting material by United Nation. “Mandarin 101” is a learning material of Basic Survival Language, the content of first issue includes accommodation, shopping, food ordering, traffic, emergency help, etc. It’s suitable for foreign students and travelers and will be helpful to Mandarin learners using in Mandarin usage area such as Singapore and Hong Kong. He also mentioned on the press conference that in Japan and the Philippines, Mandarin 101 has been adapted.

In order to attract attention of young people and motivate desire of learning Mandarin in Taiwan, MOE works with Logan D. Beck, who is a hotshot youtuber and also married with a Taiwanese girl one year ago, to produce 2 videos of promoting Mandarin teaching and Taiwan’s culture. The first video, “Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage” reached 50,000 views within a night and it’s over 150,000 hits now.  And in the second video, Logan tastes all kind of traditional delicacies in Changhua, and teaches the viewers how to pronounce those delicious snacks in Mandarin. Currently, Logan is studying for a bachelor of Business Administration at National Changhua University of Education and still producing videos to recommend and promote Taiwan to the world through Youtube.

According to Tourism Bureau, there are more than 10 million people visiting Taiwan every year, and with this app, foreigner can learn Mandarin in an easy attitude when shopping and visiting tourism spots. Bi Cheu-An, the director general of Department of International and Cross-strait Education, also wished that through this app and the Mandarin program, the talented people all around the world can stay in Taiwan for employment or education.

Bi Cheu-An, the director general of Department of International and Cross-strait Education.

In the future, MOE will integrate information platform and make use of online learning, online influncer marketing, culture promotion, combining resources of overseas education fairs to catch people’s eyes, hoping that export and import of Mandarin education can spend less effort while achieving more results. Beside this, MOE found Office of Global Mandarin Education in 2016 to promote Mandarin and has worked with Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and communications since 2017. They launched “Mandarin On-the-Go” program to integrate resources of tourism and Mandarin teaching and developed brand new learning model.

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