Former U.S. Intelligence Agent accused of selling confidential information to China

Defense Intelligence Agency (Image taken from Wikipedia)

by Charlotte Lee

Washington, June 4 ─ Ron Rockwell Hansen, former agent of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was accused of selling confidential U.S. defense secrets to China, information that is approximated to be worth USD $800,000 (NT$ 23.74 million).

The US Department of Justice claimed that Hansen was on his way to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to board a flight to China when he was arrested by federal agents.

Hansen, from Syracuse, Utah was an intelligence officer in the US military before he retired, and is fluent in Russian and Mandarin. He was recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2006 to manage and recruit foreign intelligence assets.

According to the prosecutor on the case, Hansen first contacted the Chinese intelligence through a commercial office in Beijing, and then proceeded to spend years establishing himself at the Defense Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a double agent loyal to the United States.

Investigators found that although Hansen had routine meetings with the Chinese Intelligence who provided him cellphones to remain in contact. However, he never revealed any information that he was not supposed to have access to.

Hansen is just one of multiple incidents where ex-intelligence officers have been accused of selling confidential information to China.  

Assistant Attorney General John Demers called Hansen’s alleged actions “a betrayal of our nation’s security” and an “affront to his former intelligence community colleagues”.