Kate Spade died of apparent suicide unexpectedly at the age of 55

This May 13, 2004 photo shows designer Kate Spade during an interview in New York. Spade was found dead in an apparent suicide in her New York City apartment on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

by Anne Huang

New, York, June 5 – Kate Spade, who founded the iconic brand of Kate Spade New York, was found dead by hanging, and only left behind a suicide note for her now only 13 years old daughter, according to New York Police Department sources.  

Mrs. Spade’s body was discovered by her housekeeper, in her Manhattan apartment in New York city on Tuesday morning.

The body of fashion designer Kate Spade is removed from her Park Avenue apartment Tuesday, June 5, 2018 in New York. Law enforcement officials say Spade apparently hanged herself in the bedroom of her apartment. The officials say she was found by housekeeping staff and left a note at the scene. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Kate Valentine, better known as Kate Spade, is the co-creator of the beloved handbag design house, Kate Spade New York, founded in January 1993. Kate Spade first started off as the editor of the accessories department in the Mademoiselle magazine before finally inaugurating this prestigious company with her husband, Andy Spade.

Kate Spade’s style of beautiful designs and vibrant colors allowed its products to reach women and girls of all ages. The Spade designs were credited to be an important part of the 1990s contemporary fashion wave, and this company definitely took part in defining an era.

Ironically, the idea of “Kate Spade” was birthed from her apartment where she was living with her soon-to-be husband in 1993, just like how she was died in her apartment home. The reason she chose the name “Kate Spade” was because she wanted to combine hers and Andy Spade’s name (whom she married only a year later), after struggling to come up with the brand logo.

Aside from the flamboyant designs, Mrs. Spade from the very beginning was very intent to make this brand “outgoing” (literally). In order to further promulgate the brands’ name, she sewed the label of the brand on the outside of the bag, where it was originally on the inside. It is all these little things that build up, ultimately grooved Kate Spade New York as a fashion empire and one of the most influential design brands out there.

A woman displays her Kate Spade pocketbook outside the fashion designer’s Madison Avenue store, Tuesday, June 5, 2018, in New York. Law enforcement officials say Spade has been found dead in her apartment in an apparent suicide. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Although Mrs. Spade left Kate Spade in 2007 to devote herself to charity and family, she made a comeback with her newest brand, Frances Valentine.  

Their family had already made a statement regarding her death, stating how they “were all devastated by the tragedy” and that they “loved Kate dearly”.