Weather bureau to introduce warning system for high temperatures

NOWnews file photo

Taipei, June 14 (CNA) The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) is set to launch a new system to issue warnings for temperatures above 36 degrees Celsius in Taiwan, an official said Thursday.

Starting Friday, the bureau will adopt a color-coded system for three different levels of heat warnings, namely yellow, orange and red, throughout the country, CWB Technical Specialist Huang Chun-hsi (黃椿喜) said.

A yellow light will signify temperatures of 36-38 degrees for less than three consecutive days and will warn people to avoid spending too much time outdoors, he said.

Huang said an orange warning will be issued if temperatures of over 38 degrees are expected the following day or if the mercury is forecast to remain above 36 degrees Celsius for three or more consecutive days.

When an orange light is flashing in the new warning system, it means unnecessary outdoor activities should be avoided, he said.

In circumstances where temperatures are forecast to remain above 38 degrees for three or more consecutive days, the light will flash red, warning residents to avoid going outdoors, Huang said.

The heat warning will be issued at 5 p.m. for every city and county in Taiwan on the day before the expected high temperatures and will include advice on precautions against heat-related illnesses, according to Huang.

The new system is a joint effort by the CWB and Taiwan’s central and local governments to help protect citizens from heat-related problems, he said.

(By Chen Wei-ting and Hsu Hsiao-ling)