Taipei, June 26 (CNA) The amendment to the Air Pollution Control Act that was passed in the Legislature Monday imposes stricter rules on old vehicles in an effort to phase them out, according to an official of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

In accordance with the new regulations, cars and scooters that are 10 years old will be required to undergo regular inspections and to fix any noise or emissions problems, Tsai Hung-teh (蔡鴻德), director-general of the EPA’s Department of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control, said Tuesday at a press conference.

The new regulations will be implemented in 2020 and will allow fines of NT$3,000 (US$100.50) to NT$60,000 for non-compliance and a revocation of licenses for repeat violations of the law, Tsai said.

He also said that under the newly amended law, certain areas of the country will be designated as air quality demonstration zones that will be off limits to mobile sources of pollution such as two-stroke motorcycles and diesel-powered vehicles manufactured before June 1999.

The demonstration zones will include the premises of all government agencies, public offices and elementary schools, Tsai said, adding that the fines for violation of that rule will range from NT$500 to NT$60,000.

Currently there are about 960,000 two-stroke motorcycles in Taiwan, according to Tsai.

Meanwhile, the new amendments also increased the penalties on stationary sources of air pollution, raising the fines from between NT$100,000 and NT$1 million to a maximum of NT$20 million on factories that fail to comply with emissions regulations, he said.

(By Wang Cheng-chung, Yu Hsiao-han and Evelyn Kao)