First reactor at No. 2 nuclear power plant malfunctions

The first reactor at the No.2 nuclear power plant developed a mechanical failure Tuesday.

Taipei, July 4 (CNA)-The first reactor at the No.2 nuclear power plant in New Taipei’s Wanli District developed a mechanical failure Tuesday, with the alarm on its process radiation monitor (PRM)-19 sounding for 13 minutes, according to the Atomic Energy Council (AEC).

An initial investigation indicates the incident was caused by an internal leak at the safety relief valve linking the plant’s backwash receiving tank when the water purification system was transferring resin to the tank, the AEC said.

The plant’s management immediately switched off the filtered containment vent system and has launched an investigation into the malfunction, the AEC said.

An analysis of air samples collected at five locations around the plant shows that the level of radioactive release remains normal in the compound and the hourly ambient gamma radiation dose at 10 monitoring stations within the plant was also normal, indicating those environments were not affected,it explained.

The AEC said it has asked the state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) to determine the cause of the incident and conduct a thorough examination of the plant’s operating process.

This was the latest incident at the No. 2 nuclear power plant since its No. 2 reactor resumed operations on June 13 after being taken offline for a safety inspection.

Prior to that, the No. 2 reactor automatically shut down on March 28, one day after it was restarted following the completion of an overhaul that started in May 2016.
(By Kuo Hsing-yi, William Yen and Evelyn Kao)