Taiwan’s electric bicycle sales boom, becomes a major export

EU's E-Bike Imports from Taiwan Growing Fast. (Photo on Foter.com)

By Joon Kim

Taipei-The electric bicycle industry has became one of Taiwan’s major export products across Europe, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance.

A monthly report, compiled by the Taiwan Bicycle Association and the Bureau of Foreign Trade Information Center, states that member states of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union—especially the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany—have all experienced a net increase in total export units, from 2017 to 2018, in January to March.

The statistics above are based on electric bicycles that were fixated with auxiliary and electric motors, the latter for propulsion.

Whereas the EU had a moderate raise in total quantity with 13.6 percent, the NAFTA overspeared its European counterpart with an overly sharp 122.7 percent. The same economic trend appeared in financial value units (measured in United States dollars). The NAFTA appears to have strengthened its average product revenues, but with a bare step of 6 percent. Also, the top three export countries, one from North America, two from Europe, had all fared a positive bump in total revenues, but of all three, the greatest overlap was taken by the United States.

With threatened European and US tariffs on Chinese e-bikes, Taiwan poised to take over. (Photo by turismotorino.org on Foter.com / CC BY-ND)

Also, last year’s Taipei Cycle Design & Innovation Awards oversaw a small but groundbreaking success in advertising Taiwan’s developing bicycle design industry. The D&I Awards, which was co-established by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the TBA, was observed by a jury to evaluate a tray of entries of exceptional bicycle designs that implemented worldly trends. A total of 57 entries made the list, with nearly 30 percent from overseas.

The current bicycle industry is applying methods and smart technologies to sustain the environment, which would make products more greener, said Francois Liag, the jury chairman, in last year’s awards ceremony. In particular, a more prevalent amount of and a wider range of electric bicycles, such as those for racing, mountaineering, and even in cities, Mr. Liang said, would be “an advantage for all bike-riders, especially for our aging population.”