Timeline of Chinese efforts to belittle Taiwan at sporting events

China's ramping up pressure on Taiwan, trying to belittle Taiwan at sporting events.

Taipei, July 24 (CNA)-The withdrawal of Taichung’s standing as host of the East Asian Youth Games by the East Asian Olympic Committee (EAOC) on Tuesday was just the latest example of China doing everything in its power to belligerently belittle Taiwan in international sporting events.

Below is a timeline of some of the past incidents compiled by CNA:

August, 2006 — International Children’s Games in Bangkok: Chinese sports officials snatch Republic of China (Taiwan) flags from Taiwan’s swimming and taekwondo champions after they wrap them around their shoulders and walk toward the podium to receive their gold medals.

August, 2007 — 15U Baseball World Cup in Venezuela: Just days before the event kicks off in Caracas, the Taiwanese team is unable to obtain visas from the Latin American  country due to pressure from China. As a result, the IBAF is forced to cancel the tournament that year.

October, 2007 — World Cyber Games in Seattle: Players representing China shout derogatory remarks and curse words as a Taiwanese gamer steps onto the podium to receive his trophy while holding the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag.

July-August, 2012 — London Summer Olympics: Republic of China (Taiwan) flags hanging in the streets of central London are taken down by Olympic organizers after receiving  complaints from Beijing.

August, 2016 — Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: A western supporter wearing a shirt decorated with the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag is forced to remove his shirt by Olympic staff following a protest from Chinese spectators.