Chinese professor removed by police at home during live interview

Chinese police broke into the home of Sun Wen-guang, a retired professor who is critical of China's human rights record as he was expressing his opinions on a Voice of America (VOA) Mandarin TV show.

By Tsai Shan-Ling

Taipei-Human right and freedom of speech are both crucial issues in China. Questioning national policy is dangerous with unpredictable consequence for speakers themselves.

Sun Wen-guang(孫文廣), a Chinese retired professor from Shandong University, has been arrested on 1th August during his personal interview with Voice of America at the moment.

“What do you want? It is illegal that you come to my house, I have my own freedom of speech!” After leaving these final words, Sun disappeared. People believe that he must be detained for criticizing policy of Xi Jing-ping(習近平), the President of the People’s Republic of China.

Born on 1934, 84 years old Sun Wen-guang has attacked on poor human right situation in China for decades. He was in prison for several times during 1960s-1980s for opposing Mao Zedong, the founder of the People’s Republic of China.

After being released in 1982, he started to teach in Shandong University and keep expressing his opinion against central government. In the past few decades, Sun lives under shadow of suppression from Communist Party of China both politically and physically.

Sun’s dissents have made him a target of the government. In 2005, his passport application was denied, and he has been unable to leave the country since.

On 1th August, Sun criticized that Xi Jing-ping spend too much money on foreign aid, loans and investment without helping his own people. He was arrested by police before finishing the interview, according to the record of VOA.

So far no any clear statement made by Chinese government, but a friend of Wenguang Sun proved that he has been took away by officials. His whereabouts remains unknown.

Sun is not the only case to reveal the deterioration of human right in China. In June 2017, another dissenter Liu Xiao-bo(劉曉波) passed away due to poor health condition after being imprisoned for 7 years.

Sun Wen-guang and Liu Xiao-bo both signed Charter 08, a manifesto signed by 303 Chinese intellectuals and human rights activists then published on 10 December 2008.