Female singer was attacked by Malaysian Netizens for saying China as her motherland

Priscilla Abbey was a youtube, and quickly became one of the hottest rising stars in Malaysia.

It is kind of risky to express your own preference of any country especially as celebrities nowadays. A Malaysian female singer, Priscilla Abby, is criticized by Malaysian Netizens for admitting China as her motherland.

Born on 30th October 1997, Priscilla Abbycomes from a Malaysian Chinese family. She started her music career by singing in church when she was in elementary school,thenbecame famous by covering Electronic Dance Music later.

Recently she went to China as guest of a CCTV (China Central Television) program. A video was displayed during the show, which was a flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square that Priscilla Abby also presented.

“Actually I still want to cry when I think about that day.” After watching the video, Priscilla Abby just broke down in tears.

When the host asked if she would like to develop her career in “motherland” or not, Priscilla Abby said, “Yes of course. I can also have good development in Malaysia, but it will be better for me to come to my motherland.”

Both the host and Chinese audience are pleasant to hear that Priscilla Abby admitted China as her motherland, but obviously not for some Malaysians.

“Please don’t forget where you belong just for making money”, “I don’t agree with you since I only acknowledge Malaysia as my motherland.” Angry Malaysian internet users condemn Priscilla Abby on her Facebook.

Priscilla Abby then wrote a statement on 16th August, saying she is sorry for her improper usage of words.

“I am Malaysian and I always love this country.” she said.

There are millions of Chinese descendants live in different Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, they have already integrated into local society and formed their own identity as time goes by. It might be improper to include people into one regime just base on language and race in today’s world.