Elections around the corner: Taipei mayor Ko Wen-Je’s wife Peggy Chen entering complete self-campaign mod

As election approaches, Aug. 23 Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je launched a petition, promoting his political principles and seeking to work with candidates who are willing to make Taiwan a better place.

By Nora Chang

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug 21-As the nine-in-one election in November approaching, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-Je’s (柯文哲) wife Peggy Chen (陳佩琪) announced on Aug. 19 that she’s entering complete self-campaign mode and will not attend any public events with Ko in the upcoming months.

Chen “declared war” on her personal Facebook page that she’s going to discard the mild, gentle, and courteous image that society expects the wife of a capital mayor should possess.

“I’m entering the self-campaign mode like I did when we were first running back in 2014 before Ko was elected. Rent a facility, get myself a mike, and talk for two hours straight at press conferences. I don’t need anyone else or any organizations to provide me any resources. Yesterday a friend sent me a message that is trending in the political world, which says that anyone who’s number one against Ko can be elected as mayor. Well…I don’t’ know if that’s true but all I can say is that you people better TRY.” Said Chen.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wenje’s (柯文哲) and his wife, Peggy Chen (陳佩琪), a pediatrician at Taipei Municipal Hospital, have been married for almost two decades.

Her speech received viral discussion on both PTT bulletin board system and her personal page that the netizens praised her for her gutsy talk and even joked about her running for mayor herself.

In response, Ko just laughed and said Chen is very opinionated and has a strong character. “I will not control what she wants to do at all. My philosophy on life is to live every day faithfully and happily. If that’s what makes her happy, she should do it. I will just beg her to write and post less…” said Ko.