The Haunted Houses: Jinxin condominium in Taipei

Jinxin condominium (錦新大樓) is located at a golden area in Zhongshan District near Linsen North Road (林森北路). Ghost stories start to roam after a tragic fire took place back in 1984 and took 19 lives. It is said that residents there see shadows walking around late at night and hear sad weeping sounds in rooms no one even stays in.

By Nora Chang

TAIPEI, Taiwan-Ghost month is now here. There are several locations in Taiwan which are said to have been haunted for decades. Most renowned ones include Xinhai Tunnel (辛亥隧道), where tons of horrible ghost stories happened and was built across a cemetery and the exit connects Taipei City Mortuary Services Office Second Funeral Parlor (台北市第二殯儀館). The other ones are Chinese Culture University (中國文化大學) and Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Freeway (北宜公路), where stories begin owing to Feng Shui (風水) and the winding terrain.
A condominium located in Taipei Zhongshan District (中山區) near Linsen North Road (林森北路) is also said to be haunted after a huge fire accident occurred 34 years ago, which caused 19 deaths. Twelve years later, another fire happened took 2 more lives. Incidents such as a female jumping off the building crushing a street vendor and a couple committing suicide together in the room also happened, resulting in 24 deaths in total in a short span of 33 years.

Some people who did not believe in the rumors and took an adventure into the Jinxin condominium to find out, however, they all ended up having serious illnesses due to the visit.


Ever since the first fire, creepy ghost stories never ceased to take place from time to time. People who live in the building saw black shadows walking around in the middle of the night, heard plaintive weeping sounds from a room where nobody stays in, and felt pressed by ghost during sleep rather than simple sleep paralysis.

A former resident revealed that many times while he’s taking the elevator, it just kept going upwards to the top floor, leaving him only to find out there was no one there at all in front of the elevator or in the hallway.

“That was so terrifying. There were other people with me in the elevator. They can prove it was for real.”

It is said that the elevator automatically goes up and down even if no one was using it late at night.


The community is called Jinxin condominium(錦新大樓) and is at a popular location in Zhongshan District, yet, the price is not even half of the market price. Maybe it’s because of the low rent, there are still a lot of tenants living in the building despite of all the ghost rumors.