EVA Air pilots push for clear-cut response to their demands by Monday

China Airlines (CAL) and EVA Air pilots in the Pilots Union Taoyuan voted overwhelmingly on Aug. 7 in favor of a strike over work conditions and had planned to announce a decision on Aug. 20 but postponed that statement as they agreed to sit down at the negotiation table again.

Taipei, Aug. 23 (CNA)-The Pilots Union Taoyuan on Thursday called on EVA Airways to come up with some concrete solutions by Monday in response to its pilots’ demands for better working conditions.

After an internal meeting, the union told reporters that many of its members from EVA Air are growing impatient at the slow progress of the negotiations with the airline.

EVA Air management and the union have held three rounds of negotiations so far, but have failed to reach any agreement on the pilots’ demands for a better pay structure and work hours, among other issues.

The third meeting, which was held Wednesday, was cut short because EVA Air was not adequately prepared to discuss the demands at the top of the pilots’ agenda, according to the union.

The union said it hoped EVA Air would formulate some detailed and concrete solutions by Monday so that both sides could arrange another round of talks.

On Wednesday, the latest negotiations with CAL went more smoothly and agreements were reached on some issues, the union said, adding that the two sides will discuss when to hold a fourth round of talks.

The union said it reached consensus with CAL on how flight data should be collected and used to fairly evaluate pilots’ performance, and the management also promised not to make any disadvantageous changes to the pilots’ working conditions without prior discussion with the union.