Elderly man living alone died in flood-affected house

The torrential rain from a slow-moving tropical depression caused flooding across Tainan City.

By Tsai Shan-Ling

Torrential rain caused widespread devastation across Southern Taiwan. Many households were evacuated.

Dangers lurked on all sides especially for elderly living alone. In Tainan City, A 82-year-old man’s corpse was found at home by his daughter-in-law.

The old man lived alone in the past few years. Resources said he was trying to check the flooding situation early in the morning when he found the water rushed in his house.

Unfortunately, he fell down and couldn’t call for help neither save himself due to physically challenged until he was drowned.

Elderly living alone is commonly seen in the countryside. Some of them arephysically challenged and some others are bedridden. They will be in trouble once any disaster like flood or earthquake happened

“I didn’t expect the water rush in that soon. I was afraid, but I couldn’t escape by myself. I was in shock over the speed of the rising water,” said an old woman who was saved by rescue workers.

Taiwan is not the only country which has the crisis of aging society. In this July, Japan just suffered from the worst flooding in 36 years, many of the casualties were elderly people who were unable to escape.

According to the latest information from the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), the weather will still be unstable in the coming week. Southwesterly airstream will affect Taiwan andtorrentialrain will continue until next Wednesday.