IKEA angers China by putting Taiwan as a country on its label information

IKEA was doubted pro-Taiwan independence as it puts Taiwan as a "country" on its product information alongside with China.

By Nora Chang

Taipei, Aug.28 – Is IKEA pro-Taiwan independence? An article from The Global Times (環球時報), a Chinese Communist Party’s official media, reported that the multinational furniture company puts Taiwan as a country on its label information, is violating the One China policy and igniting a storm of resentment and complaint on Sina Weibo (微博). Since China is IKEA’s fifth biggest market worldwide and its biggest market in Asia, some Chinese citizens doubt that if IKEA still wants to expand its business in the Chinese territory.

Chinese netizens think that IKEA violated the One-China policy on Weibo (微博).

“Is it appropriate to put Taiwan on the product introduction alongside with China, India, Korea, and Philippines? Both Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (中華人民共和國憲法) and The Anti-Secession Law (反國家分裂法) specify that Taiwan is part of China.” According to a Weibo user.

Weibo (微博) user went mad after seeing the label that categorized Taiwan as a country alongside China.

Another user bought a vase and found out about the labelling, he said, “The company wants to earn Chinese people’s money but is trying to separate China? Muji was already fined almost US$30,000 because it labels Taiwan as country of origin, so should we start censoring the products of IKEA now?” And he tagged People’s Daily (人民日報), China’s official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

China not happy even though Taiwan is just categorized as a location.

The Global Times mentioned that even though on the official website IKEA used location as its categorization rather than country, it specified Spain before “Mainland” and “Balearics and Canary Islands,” both of which are autonomous communities of Spain. However, both Taiwan and Hong Kong were not put under the territory of China.

Regarding the madness expressed by Chinese people, the company has not made any comments yet.