NEW YORK (AP) — After rave reviews for his moon landing docudrama at the Venice Film Festival, “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle is enjoying another day of sun.

Chazelle’s “First Man” was hailed by critics earlier this week as a groundbreaking space movie that thrillingly plunges viewers directly into the perspective of astronaut Neil Armstrong, as played by Ryan Gosling. Given the festival response, Chazelle’s anticipated follow-up to “La La Land” appears likely to again return the 33-year-old filmmaker to Hollywood’s awards season.

In an interview, Chazelle acknowledged he has some trepidation about re-entering the lengthy Oscar season gauntlet. But Chazelle, who became the youngest filmmaker to win best director in 2017, says he was motivated to make “First Man” to show how difficult and complicated the moon landing was to pull off.