Taiwan Today: 2 dead, 4 missing after being swept into Pacific in Yilan

Seven people were swept into the ocean Sunday from a beach in Nan'ao Township and Neipi beach in Su'ao.

2 dead, 4 missing after being swept into Pacific in Yilan

Seven people were swept into the ocean Sunday from a beach in Nan’ao Township and Neipi beach in Su’ao, both in Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan, two of whom were confirmed dead and four missing, while the seventh washed onshore was injured.

According to rescuers, a couple who were touring a sea cave and the owner of an all terrain vehicles business were swept away by a freak wave near the cave on Mystery Beach in Nan’ao Township.

The body of the husband was found, but his wife and the ATV business owner were still unaccounted for.

Later that day, also on the Mystery Beach, huge waves washed away a mother and her son on an ATV, sparking a search mission which was still ongoing as of 7 p.m.

F-16 jets to escort Taiwan athletes home with heroes’ welcome

The Air Force is expected to dispatch two fighter jets to escort the last batch of Taiwanese athletes who are scheduled to fly home from Jakarta Monday, as part of a heroes’ welcome for the national squad, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Taiwan’s national team, competing under the name of Chinese Taipei, finished in seventh place on the medal table with a total of 67 medals — 17 gold, 19 silver and 31 bronze — as the games concluded Sunday.

The two fighters will accompany the plane once it enters Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

Travelers smuggling raw pork from China to face maximum penalty

Anyone caught attempting to smuggle raw pork into Taiwan from China, where a highly contagious and deadly disease is spreading through hog farms, will be slapped with a fine of NT$15,000 (US$488) — the maximum penalty for such a crime, the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture (COA) has announced.

The measure is part of strengthened efforts by the council to isolate Taiwan from the virus that causes African swine fever (ASF), which COA officials said will exact a heavy toll on Taiwan’s hog industry if it spreads to the island.

Taipei’s summer anti-drug efforts bear fruit

The Taipei City Police Department’s strengthened efforts in the fight against illegal drugs is making great progress, with more drug-related cases resolved over the past two months, the department’s Criminal Investigation Division said Sunday.

In July and August, police in the special municipality launched two anti-illegal drugs programs, which resulted in the cracking of 1,805 drug-related cases and the arrest of 1,849 people for drug offenses, up 19.9 percent and 18.2 percent, respectively, from the same period of last year.