JD.com founder Richard Liu was arrested on first-degree rape by the US police

JD.com founder Liu Qiangdong (劉強東) was accused of rape felony on his business trip to Minnesota by US police on Sep. 4.

By Nora Chang

Taipei, Sep. 5 — Chinese billionaire Liu Qiangdong (劉強東), founder of online retailer JD.com, was arrested on a first-degree rape allegation while on a business trip to Minnesota. It is said that he ripped the victim’s underwear off at a local restaurant, according to Chinese media.

The Minneapolis Police Department released its report yesterday (Sep. 4) on the case. Liu was accused of the first-degree felony and if it’s confirmed after investigation, he could be charged and face a prison sentence up to 30 years.

Reports say that the incident happened either at a local restaurant or hotel. After further investigation, it was confirmed that the location was a restaurant and Liu ripped off the female’s underwear.

John Elder, Minneapolis Police Department spokesman, said that even though the case is under felony investigation, Liu has not been charged yet so he was already released and returned to Beijing on Tuesday morning. If there were any charges, they would not be completed before Friday.

Liu is already married to Zhang Zetian (章澤天), a 24-year-old Chinese businesswoman and investor, who gained initial fame of her photograph holding milk tea, and was thus nicknamed “Sister Milk Tea.” They have one daughter together. Zhang hasn’t made any comments yet since the accident occurred last Friday.