The Haunted Houses: Kowloon condominium in Kaohsiung

Kowloon condominium (九龍大樓) in Yan Cheng District (鹽埕區), Kaohsiung, is said to be haunted after a serious arson happened in May, 1984 and took 24 lives.

By Nora Chang

Taipei, Aug. 31 – Kowloon condominium (九龍大樓) in Yan Cheng District (鹽埕區), Kaohsiung City recently was put on a white banner outside of the building, written “This is a haunted house currently holding Buddhist services praying for the deceased spirits (plenty),” reminding neighbors of the serious arson incident happened in May, 1989 which costing 24 lives. 19 victims were piled up in the stairwell. Since then, paranormal events start happening frequently and people hear doll weeping sounds very late at night.

It is said that the white banner was put on to the haunted condo to influence a new construction in the area; a doll was found on the bed in one of the room in the right picture.

A Youtuber called Future Boyfriend Liann (未來男友Liann) visited the place in person and made a vlog. He saw ghost money and traces on the burned wall, which reminded him of a child’s face. White noise also appeared several times during the video. “It feels like I am walking through a living hell,” he said while climbing up the pitch-black staircases.

The arson happened due to the conflict existing between the 32-year-old convict Lee and the karaoke store inside the condominium. He asked three people to commit the crime with him, throwing a gas bomb down the basement and igniting a huge fire.

At that time, all the residents wanted to rush to the top floor, yet one of the family managed to escape the fire since they found out the key to the rooftop was already changed when they asked a plumber to examine their house a week ago.

They went to the other side of the house and tried to escape through the window. A guy happened to be there on the rooftop of the next 7 story building that they can jump to, and he helped the family come through and so as to escape the fire.

The others were not as lucky. They didn’t hear the message from the family saying the door to the rooftop was locked and died from the incident.

When the youtuber Future Boyfriend Liann (未來男友) visited the place, he found a doll on the floor and white noise started occurring at the same time.

Ever since the tragedy, weird things start happening like neighbors hear late at night, a group of people running frantically like they were escaping the fire, and weeping sounds of the doll.