Creative campaign poster for promoting an inconspicuous candidate

Peng Sheng-shao, the New Taipei City council candidate of banqiao district, tries hard to promote his ideas and policies on different contemporary issues.

By Tsai Shan-ling

Taipei, Sep. 10-The nine-in-one election is coming soon, and the candidates from all sides have tried their best to get more votes.

Comparing with the KMT party which rejects to adopt the creative symbol from mascot contest, Peng Sheng-shao(彭盛韶), the candidate of The New Power Party(時代力量) of Banqiao District, daring to try something different.

This is the original campaign poster of Peng Sheng-shao.

Peng’s original campaign poster was described as “boring” and “too normal” by his friend. After putting some interesting designs on the poster, it becomes the image below.

The New Power Party’s (NPP) city counci candidate Peng Sheng-shao creates new campaign poster with eye-catching and memorable style.

Instead of childlike drawings like glasses, beards, and scar, there also have some conspicuous yellow fonts wrote “bring up the children is too expensive,” “it is too difficult to park in Banqiao,”and “we can’t afford a house.”

Peng was not angry at all after seeing this poster and even uploaded it to his own Facebook. He said it is interesting tothink outside of the box in addition to act like a traditional politician.

The creative poster attracts many admiration from internet users, saying it is really different from traditional election.

Resources said the poster will be printed for more amounts, so that people can have more interesting designs by themselves on it.