Taiwanese Horror Movie: The Rope Curse

Legend has it that when someone commits suicide by hanging, the rope they use is cursed. According to ancient rituals carried out in China’s Fujian Province, the only way to lift the curse is to set the rope on fire and place it in the sea. The ritual still exists to this day in Taiwan as a sign of respect for the deceased.

The Taiwanese scary movie “The Rope Curse”(粽邪) is in the theater since 31th August and it frightens its audience successfully.

Creating more than thirty million NT dollars box office within just ten days, the story describes that a young man named Jia-Wei shoot a video of a mysterious Chinese popular custom called “sàng bah-chàng”(送肉粽) in spite of opposition of his fiancée named Shu Yi.

However, his action put Shu Yi into danger due to shadow of the past- one of her good friends committed suicide by hanging because of bullying and betrayal. It’s a terrible memory that Shu Yi always rejects to remember.

As time goes by and people who were involved into the bullying are killed one by one, she is finally forced to face the mistake of the past.

Regarding to “Sàng bah-chàng”, it is a traditional custom around Changhua area of Taiwan. It is originated from ancestors believe that people who commit suicide by hanging are filled of resentments, and their resentments will stay at the ropes which they use to end their own life.

“The ropes should be removed and threw into the sea, hoping they will never come back. Otherwise they would grab the next victim..” In order to prevent the deceased to find victims for themselves to be reborn, local master usually hold a dharma assembly, sending the ropes to the beach then burned them to achieve the effect of exorcism.

Even the production team itself also met many supernatural events during the filming process, and it rises the topicality of the film.  Combing traditional popular custom, the core of the movie is actually the exploration of humanity although it is presented as a scary one.