NOWnews joins forces with expert to boost tourism in Kenting

Taiwan online media NOWnews (今日新聞) held its three-day company trip in Kenting (墾丁).

By Nora Chang

Kaohsiung City, Sep. 14 - Taiwan online media NOWnews (今日新聞) held its three-day company trip from September 12 to 14 in Kenting (墾丁) and attended two art and cultural talks at Taiwan ARTCCI (台灣藝術公司) in Kaohsiung City.

The first talk is about the boosting of Taiwan’s art market and the second talk is on Kenting tourism, of the letter the two speakers are director general of Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau Tseng Tzu-Wen (曾姿雯) and local travel expert and professional travel guide Niki Guo (郭怡瑢).

The director general of Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau Tseng, Tzu-Wen (曾姿雯) also spoke at the event.

According to Tseng, she thinks promoting tourism is not just about the attractions themselves but about how to represent the beauty and culture behind it like representing arts.

She also mentioned it would be great to hold multi-city trips including places in Kaohsiung, Tainan, Pingtung, and Penghu, promoting regional tourism while the bureau just needs more funds from the central government to carry out the plans and build more attractions.

Niki Guo, Master of Economics at National Sun Yat-sen University(國立中山大學) and a professional travel guide, suggested that even though statistics show that tourist groups lessened, a more intriguing trend we’re seeing is solo travel.

To meet the demand for solo holidays, Kenting’s holiday companies should offer incentives to attract single travellers, including dedicated solo travel holidays and the scrapping of the single supplement.

NOWnews invited travel expert Niki Guo (郭怡瑢) to give a speech on how to boost Kenting’s tourism.

“Many Taiwanese would rather visit Okinawa than Kenting, but I think there are so many sites to go to in Kenting and it’s really your call on how much you wanna spend. You can stay at a hostel for NT$200 per night or NT$20,000 at a luxurious hotel. My favorite activities are visiting Sheding Park (社頂公園), watching sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, and butterfly ginger (野薑花) viewing. And none of them is near Kenting Main Street,” Niki said.