Russian supernatural horror feature film: Foto na pamyat

“Say cheese!” Photography is an important way to keep the best memories of time for most of people-but it could be a nightmare, too.

Directed by Russian director Anton Zenkovich, russian movie “Foto na Pamyat”(厲可拍) describes a group of friends get involved in a deer-vehicle collision in rural Russia. To search of help they come across a cabin, where they find an old camera.

This film takes the viewer to a dangerous and nothing-good-promising house in the depths of the forest, where a frightened group of young people seek refuge after their car broke up. Finding themselves in this house, the guys enter a room where a lot of terrible photos hang on the walls, among which they see the picture of their broken car. Curious to learn the whole truth about the mysterious photos, they fall into a fatal game with fate, without knowing it themselves.

The movie will be in theater since 28th September in Taiwan.