Vulcan Rider Association of Taiwan host successful Vulcan Rally

Hsinchu, Oct. 6-As many as 100 riders of “Vulcan Rider Association” gathered at the Nanliao Fish Harbor in Hsinchu. Even if these riders did not know before, they would draw closer by the love of motorcycle .

What is the fun of riding motorcycle? Yuan Chia-chi, the adviser to the Taiwan Vulcan Rider Association, said this question was asked by his wife, too. In fact, the pleasure is the liberation of the wind, freedom, and emptiness while riding motorcycle.

During the interview with NOWnews, Yuan Chia-chi said the Taiwan Vulcan Rider Association is composed of Kawasaki VN motorcycle enthusiasts all over Taiwan, which is the first Vulcan team in Taiwan with 8 branches. In May 2018, it officially joined the International Vulcan Rider Association (VRA), an international Association of 10971 members, spanning 26 countries throughout the world, providing a means for Kawasaki Vulcan riders worldwide to meet and ride in chapter-based and inter-chapter activities.

Today, at the Nanliao Fish Harbor in Hsinchu, the flag-stamping event of the whole Taiwan, nearly 100 motorcycle riders gathering together, attracted many people’s eyes.

Yuan Chia-chi said that after today’s activities, there will be more than 10 Vulcans on the 10th of October 10th. The riders will wear the national flag and carry a large national flag. After attending flag raising ceremony, they will ride motorcycle from Taoyuan all the way to Taichung for celebrating the birthday of Republic of China.